Summary of the Washington Program, night-time jogging and favourite places D.C.


It’s time to move on!

The last workday in Washington – and then we travel to our mentors’ companies. Every participant of the program will learn from women leaders that are in charge of Fortune 500 companies. Some will go to Johnson & Johnson, two girls will visit Mastercard, many will join tech companies, and I’m going to Walmart. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve had the best luck. First and foremost, Walmart – occupies the #1 spot in Fortune 500’s list, secondly – I’m going to the heart of America, the State of Arkansas. Not often do you get the opportunity do that. In Bentonville I’m going to spend 12 days, then I’m going to New York – to explore the online-department of the famous retail giant.2222

The last day our sessions acquired a spiritual character. Guided by one of our mentors from the Vital Voices team, we analyzed the so-called “Holistic Map of Life” which made us seriously revise our global goals in life. Once again, I’m not allowed to speak about this session (as you might remember, the meeting with Ivanka Trump was also an off-the- record one) – I will only say that these two hours bonded us more than all the previous days spent together. Thinking about the future trip, I already start missing the girls from the group, as we have become so close with each other and deeply aware of each other’s problems.

Before the beginning of the program in Walmart I still have two days to spend in Washington: this city has amazed me with the number of its astonishing museums, the majority of which operate as a part of the Smithsonian Institution. I’m not going to retell you the whole story of its creation, but I strongly recommend you to get acquainted with it – it’s truly fascinating.

I have visited many places in America, but this was my first time in Washington. I was highly impressed by the architecture of the city – there’s lots of examples of my favorite art deco style, almost no high buildings (forbidden by the municipal regulations) and I constantly spot similarities with the city of Rome. United States Capitol is exactly like Vittoriano while the national alley of museums and all the surrounding areas remind me the central part of the Italian capital. I’m more than sure there are many more examples, but I only cite the ones I managed to spot without foreign assistance.444

Less than 24 hours left for me in the American capital, but I know for sure that I will return here. The place that impressed me most so far is the Lincoln Memorial – I came back here at night, during one of my evening jogs. I deeply recommend you to visit this place during the nighttime – at this time of day it seems even more mysterious and powerful.