Get ready: 14th season of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days is right around the corner


Finally, the next edition of the project I established 7 years ago (I can’t believe so much time have passed already!!!) is almost there! 14th season of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, which will be happening from 2nd till the 5th of February, is going to be a huge event (as always)! I’m glad that all of the directions we’ve been developing in our project are successfully flourishing. International sales showroom MoreDash, educational program Fashion Business Forum, organized by Kiev Fashion Institute, Fashion Scout, a platform for young designers, and the fashion week itself are 4 independent platforms we’re working on, building fashion system that didn’t exist in Ukraine before.

One of the great initiatives we also have during fashion week is the reception of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Prize, which we give to best designers, stylists, photographers and even fashion journalists. I’m not the only one feeling excitement and impatience in anticipation of the ceremony – I am sure that local fashion community is eager to know the results of this season (by the way, I still don’t know the names of all the winners)!
Of course I’m passionately waiting to see collections on the runway. All in all fashion is about clothes, and I must say every season designers are becoming more professional. 14th season is not an anniversary, and what’s even more important – we don’t like anniversaries and we tend not to celebrate them. What we like is looking forward to something new and constantly developing. And now it’s obvious that our global influence is growing: Anna K is going to present her collection at London Fashion Week as a part of International Fashion Showcase organized by Mercedes-Benz, eight designers are going to participate at a huge showcase ‘More Dash: Eyes on East’ at Super exhibition in Milan, and of course many brands are going to Paris to be presented at More Dash showroom. So Kiev and Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days is just a beginning of the season for us, after which we’re moving on to the International markets to work there for a month and a half.
I hope to see many amazing collections at Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, creative and commercially successful at the same time. As I’ve already said, the core point of the fashion industry is the fashion product itself, and the whole work we do won’t make sense unless designers provide us with great clothes. So I hope they will!)