On being included in Forbes ’30 under 30’ list


This week I was privileged to be included in prestigious Forbes ’30 under 30’ list, which is probably the only rating I’ve ever wanted to enter (until I turn 30 this July). My international friends have been already mentioned there, and I was hoping that my efforts on putting Ukraine on the world’s fashion map and building a company of my dream were important enough to be mentioned to International community of Forbes readers.

This recognition is a big motivator for my further work and development. I’m really glad that two people from Ukraine have entered the list in 2017 and that we both work in fashion industry (second person is Anna Karenina, designer of Anna K brand). I am sure that more Ukrainians should be present in Forbes ’30 under 30’ in different categories in the years to come – and from my side I will make everything possible to inspire my fellow citizens.