On Fashion Technology Forum


Me and my team at Kiev Fashion Institute have already organized a forum dedicated to the business of fashion in September, but now the hottest trend of the industry are technologies and all the possibilities of applying them to fashion. I want to give local Ukrainian community an opportunity to follow the flow of the global fashion evolution, that’s why I’ve decided to bring the most influential technology and e-commerce companies’ speakers to Kiev. If the brand wants to be successful, it needs to keep up to this trend: to develop online-sales, to know how huge enterprises like Uber, for example, collaborate with fashion sphere. If you love fashion and, what is even more important, if you want to make money out of that passion – Fashion Technology Forum is a must-visit.

Coming soon!!! Join us in Kiev very soon. New venture by my educational project @kievfashioninstitute #love #fashion #technology

Фото опубликовано Daria Shapovalova (@daria_shapovalova)


Kiev is going to welcome representatives of Yoox Net-a-Porter Group for the first time: they’ll give speeches on fulfillment and front-end strategies of their company, which is the biggest global online retailer of fashion products. Google and Uber will also share their experience and techniques on working with fashion sphere. Lamoda.ua, LeBoutique, citrus.ua, Kwambio, Looksery Inc – it’s not even the full list of innovative companies from fashion and IT sectors that will give participants a unique knowledge on how to keep their business up-to-date.


Coming soon – our groundbreaking and industry-changing initiative of my educational platform @kievfashioninstitute Fashion Technology Forum, first time in Ukraine – to merge two major industries. Hope we will have more cool projects soon, inspired by speakers of #KFTF #YNAP among them! #love #fashion pic through one of our nominated #fashiontechgirls @borodina никогда не любила начало зимы, но в этот раз жду ее с нетерпением – 2 декабря стартует наш первый форум на тему моды и технологий – нельзя отставать от мира, так что будем обсуждать главные тренды на стыке двух индустрий, таких прогрессивных и перспективных. Уверена, в этом союзе родится ещё много крутых проектов.