On Founding Kiev Fashion Institute


I came up with the idea to found an educational project due to the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days. We always asked important Ukrainian and foreign guests to give lectures during the fashion week – but these were single cases. At the same time I realized that Ukrainian fashion industry is growing rapidly and we feel the lack of skilled specialists.

We needed an educational system where students can gain knowledge directly from the professionals, who practice their skills daily, who know what’s going on in the fashion world right now. Unfortunately, all of Ukrainian state universities that provide fashion education don’t have tutors of that kind especially in modern spheres like fashion management, fashion business, fashion photography and styling – they have good dressmaking teachers, but that’s not enough for local industry to flourish.




We’ve founded Kiev Fashion Institute 3 years ago, and in January 2016 I began bringing the project up rapidly, by myself. Educational part of my job was very important to me at the times of my journalistic career – but as I’ve decided to stop my collaborations with the TV-channels, I needed a sphere where I can still fulfill this social duty of education.




Kiev Fashion Institute is a really important project. One of the courses – ‘Fashion Business’ – we’re teaching together with Natalia Modenova, my co-partner at More Dash showroom. Two hours of lectures per day are really hard for me to bare – because I’m a person of action and I just can’t stay steel for such a long period of time. But I’m always pleasantly amazed with the results of our students and the impact of the course. Many people who’ve studied at the KFI are now working in Ukrainian fashion industry, they’ve drastically changed their lives in order to take up fashion. I think that’s a great achievement and I’m sure that the KFI will keep on growing – and I just hope to have enough of time to execute all of the plans we have.