About charity and marathon ‘Help children to run away from cancer’

Alina Baikova, a beautiful soul and a successful model, with whom we became friends, does a lot of charity work. She was the one to introduce me to this movement, and since than the idea of social responsibility, the concept of returning all : the goodness that life has given to you to this world became one of my main priorities. I consider myself a truly happy person, so I feel the need to spread this happiness around, to help the ones in need.
Our first action came to life with the help of Ukrainian designers: they’ve created teddy bears that we sold and earned more than 60 000 uah for charity funds. My next charitable activity will was participation in marathon organized by Tabletochki foundation. I’ve known the founder of this organization, Olya Kudinenko, for a really long time and I completely trust her and the way she manages finances that the fund collects.
To be honest, when I agreed to participate in the marathon, I didn’t really understand the process – for which distance should I run, how and when am I supposed to collect money. And only the letter I’ve received in August explained that it would be 5 kilometers rout and 100 000 uah should be collected before the date of the marathon.
I wasn’t perfectly ready for this challenge as September is a complicated period for fashion industry, including Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days and international fashion weeks that I attend. In the end, I gained much joy and endless support that this project, my friend and family gave me.  Another great thing is to realize that my 5-kilometer run will actually save lives of children. Charity is something that excites me and I think that some day I may take it in a professional way.