Daria for Style.com | David Lauren On Making Sure the Family Biz Stays Up to Speed


For the past two days, Florence, Italy, played host to the Condé Nast International Luxury Conference. The speakers included important figures from all aspects of the fashion industry—designers as prominent as Karl Lagerfeld and Alber Elbaz, CEOs of many of the big fashion houses, and international Vogue editor and curator of the conference, Suzy Menkes. The topics discussed were as versatile as the participants, but the main focus was technology and its impact on luxury fashion. I reached out to one of the key speakers, David Lauren, executive vice president of global advertising, marketing, and corporate communications for the Ralph Lauren Corporation, to discuss his take on social media, insta-famous models, and the future of fashion and technology.


On the importance of being one of the key speakers at the first Condé Nast International Luxury Conference:

“I am here today because Suzy asked me to be here. And she has been a great friend to our company and to me. She always brings intelligence and interesting groups around her, and the Condé Nast world is important to our industry. So I am glad to be a part of whatever she likes to do.”

On the most efficient form of social media:

“We are involved with a lot of social aspects, and the best ones are usually tied to unique programs. Social media is different for different brands. We spend a lot of time developing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—these are the key social platforms for us. Also we double information on many others.”

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